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Regulacje prawne - Regulations

jpodzorski włącz .

Regulations for creating conditions for disabled students/PhD students, allowing them to participate in educational process.


1. Donation transferred to Medical University of Silesia as reffered to in art. 94 ust. 1 pkt. 11, dated 27th July 2005 Law on Higher Education is intended for implementation of creating conditions for disabled students, allowing them to participate in educational process.

2. Rector of Medical University of Silesia is the only trustee who is allowed to dispose the means, mentioned in par. 1.


1. The implementation of matter, mentioned in §1, par. 1 consists of:

1) able-bodied and disabled students’ environmental integration, throughout meetings organization with integration and consciousness meaning;

2) Organization of training camps for disabled students and also funding their training/practice trips;

3) Organization of training/practice classes in the field of career guidance or choosing educational path compatible with disabled students’ preferences and capabilities

4) organization of additional sports and other general developmental classes;

5) organization of P.E. and other classes adopted to the needs of students;

6) organization of trainings/practices for University staff, preparing them to work with disabled students, including the organization of sign language courses;

7) funding the costs of University staff participation in trainings and workshops dealing with the problems of disabled students in order to improve workers qualifications;

8) organization of psychological guidance meetings;

9) buying and creating fixed assets not included in the first equipment (excluding PC equipment) and intangible assets whose initial value is lower than 3,500.00 , provided that the purchase of the property remains in the university;

10) providing an educational aid adapted to specific types of disability during the classes;

11) adjusting exams and any other types of knowledge verification, in particular in the form available for the students;

12) funding University assistant who supports students and sign language translator. The detailed scope of work of assistants will be defined a separate Rector decree.

13) providing transport between University didactic buildings;

14) providing any other types of support that students can apply for, to participate fully in educational process.

2. The amount of means intended for a specific type of support, depends on the amount mentioned in §1.

3. Budgetary donation means, mentioned in §1, par.1 cannot be intended for purposes, which were funded by other means.


1. Only SUM’s students/PhD students with certificate of disability degree can benefit from the donation mentioned in §1, par. 1.

2. University staff who work with disabled students can also benefit from the support.

3. Being included in the support does not forbid students to benefit from other sources of help, such as: social scholarship, special scholarship for disable students, Rector’s scholarship for best students/PhD students, minister’s scholarship for educational achievements or eminent sports achievements


1. Taking initiatives and implementation actions for students including the presentation of an action plan to use the donation from the Ministry of Health for tasks referred to in these Regulations , are the responsibility of Rector's Representative for Disabled Students, hereinafter referred to as Representative.

2. Representative actions can only be made in accordance with procedures regulating the public funds spending of Medical University of Silesia.

3. Disable students/PhD students and University staff, mentioned in §3, par. 2 can apply for financing of the trip in accordance with rules defined as singled internal document, subject to par4.

4. An application for for financing of the trip requires Representative consent.

5. Representative actions are not forbidding students/PhD students to deliver their application documents as mentioned in §2, par 1.

6. Applications, mentioned in par 5 are delivered via the head of Carrier and Promotion Office, except par 3. Application Form is attached as Annex No. 1 hereto.


1. Students/PhD students lose their right to benefit from donations mentioned in §1, par 1

in case of:

1) Graduation;

2) being expelled for the University;

3) failure to obtain a certificate of disability degree for a further period or a failure to present it within the period of time referred to in par.3

4) resignation of support

2. Right to benefit from support becomes suspended in case of:

1) being suspended from student/PhD student rights due to the disciplinary committee decision

2) dean’s leave.

3. Students/PhD students are obliged to immediately deliver the certificate of disability degree, although not later than in a month of its receiving.


Information about any actions dedicated to disabled students/PhD students are available on website: www.sum.edu.pl


These Regulations enters into force upon signature.


Download: Application form - disabled students


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